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FRP Solid Profiles For Tool Handles
  Balaji Composites Ltd supplies various solid profiles with different shapes like ellipse, Rhombus etc for Tool Handles as a reinforcement bar. We can design and manufacture different profile as per your drawing and load requirement.
  Support Grid For Bio Reactor Media
  Balaji Composites Ltd supplies the GRP pultruded support grid for bio tower reactors in processing industries like, Food, Petroleum, chemical etc. These are specialy designed considering load and Acidic /Alkaline nature of liquid in bioreactor.

These support grids can be designed and manufactured as per requirement.

Fencing And Barricades  
  Balaji Composites Ltd developed GRP Pultruded Fencing for industrial as well as residential
premises. Lightweight, no after colouring. Corrosion Resistant properties have made these fencing very useful and popular. We can supply the fencing with different design, colour and dimension.
Battery Stands
  Spillage of acid from batteries and because of that the damage to the storage stands is a serious concern to the manufacturers of batteries.

Balaji composites Ltd developed the fabricated stands from GRP Pultruded profiles, which are lightweight, Fire retardant and corrosion resistant. These stands can be made for lightweight batteries to heavy batteries with facility to store batteries in multi tiers.
RF Tower  
  Balaji Composites Ltd manufactured and erected the 100 feet high Inclined TOTAL GRP TOWER first in India .


FRP Shed For Working Area
  Balaji Composites Ltd provides relocating type working shed in GRP Profiles. Width, Height Length can be as per the requirement. These sheds are most suitable for temporary use. The picture shows shed dimensions of
4-mtr wide x 5 mtr high x 50 mtr long.
Other Fibre Glass Products  
  Balaji Composites Ltd also manufactures and supplies various FRP Moulded products with best quality and quantity. The product we supply are Scrubbers, PP-FRP Ducting, and Molded Trays.
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